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Rathmalana Colombo 30kW Solar System For WinStar Bakers

Rathmalana Colombo Solar System

The grid connected 30kW solar system at WinStar Bakers in Rathmalana Colombo. Is yet another step forward in On Solar’s commitment to promoting sustainable energy solutions Sri Lanka island wide.

The Rathmalana Colombo 30kW solar system will generate 3,600 units of electricity per month. Thus significantly reducing the WinStar Bakery’s reliance on the national grid. Firstly, this reduction in grid reliance not only helps the bakery save on electricity costs. Secondly it also contributes to reducing their carbon foot print, aligning with sustainable practices.

Key Features Of This 30kW Project in Rathmalana Colombo

One of the key features of this 30kW project, is its net accounting mechanism. This allows WinStar Bakers to export excess electricity back to the grid. This feature not only helps further reduce the bakery’s electricity bills. It also contributes to the overall stability of the grid by providing additional power during peak times.

The financial benefits of the 30kW solar system will cover an estimated electricity bill of 201, 600.00 LKR per month for WinStar Bakers. With a recovery time period of 20 months, the project has proven to be a sound investment for Winstar Bakers based in Rathmalana Colombo.

On Solar is proud to have been chosen to design, supply, install and maintain this project. On Solar’s team of skilled engineers ensured that the process was smooth and efficient. Showcasing their commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable energy solutions. On Solar remains dedicated to promoting the adoption of renewable energy sources. In Rathmalana Colombo and Sri Lanka islandwide, helping to create a more sustainable future for us all.

Overall, the Rathmalana Colombo 30kW solar system project at WinStar Bakers is a testament to the benefits of solar energy and its potential to transform the way we produce and consume electricity. Through projects like these, On Solar continues to lead the way in driving the adoption of solar energy solutions in Sri Lanka.

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