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City Center Shopping Center Unveils Groundbreaking 20Kw Solar Installation in Kohuwala Town

In a significant stride towards sustainability, City Center Shopping Center in Kohuwala Town proudly announces the successful completion of a cutting-edge solar installation on its premises. The initiative, transforms the rooftop into a lucrative solar energy system, contributing not only to environmental conservation but also to the local economy.

The forward-thinking management of City Center has opted for a net-plus flat rate per unit, setting the benchmark at 37.00 LKR. This strategic decision ensures a sustainable and economically viable solar energy project.

The solar installation boasts an impressive system size of 20kW, generating a substantial 2400 units of electricity each month. This substantial capacity positions City Center as a key player in the realm of renewable energy within the community.

The generated power does not merely serve the shopping center’s needs but is instead channeled back into the national grid through Net Plus Solution. This makes City Center an active contributor to the overall energy infrastructure, emphasizing their commitment to sustainable practices.

The financial impact of this initiative is equally remarkable. The solar installation yields a monthly income of 88,800.00 LKR, a tangible return on investment that not only helps in covering energy costs but also showcases the economic feasibility of renewable energy solutions.

This solar installation not only positions City Center as a leader in sustainable business practices but also sets an inspiring example for other businesses in Kohuwala Town and beyond. As the world increasingly turns towards renewable energy, City Center’s commitment to solar power exemplifies how businesses can play an active role in creating a greener, more sustainable future.

On Solar Installs Cutting-Edge Hybrid Solar System in Nugegoda

Nugegoda, January 2024 – On Solar, a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, recently completed the installation of a state-of-the-art 5kW hybrid solar system for Mrs. H S S Perera in Nugegoda. This innovative system incorporates cutting-edge technology, featuring a Deye inverter and Longi PV panels, marking a significant leap towards sustainable and efficient energy consumption.

Hybrid Solar System Advantages

The newly installed hybrid solar system stands out for its remarkable capabilities in optimizing energy production and utilization. Unlike traditional solar setups, a hybrid system integrates multiple sources of energy generation and storage. This innovation allows users to harness both solar power and energy from the grid or batteries, offering a multitude of benefits.

Enhanced Energy Generation

One of the standout features of Mrs. H S S Perera’s new system is its impressive energy production capacity. Generating a substantial 600 units of electricity per month, this installation is a testament to the efficiency and reliability of hybrid solar technology.

Cost-Efficiency and Savings

With an estimated monthly savings of 48,000.00, the advantages of a hybrid system become glaringly apparent. By tapping into multiple energy sources and optimizing their use, users can significantly reduce their reliance on traditional grid power, leading to substantial savings on utility bills.

Reliable Power Supply

The incorporation of a Deye inverter and Longi PV panels ensures a reliable and consistent power supply. This reliability is crucial, especially during times of fluctuating weather conditions or grid disruptions, as the system seamlessly switches between solar and alternative energy sources.

Environmental Impact

The adoption of hybrid solar technology aligns with On Solar’s commitment to sustainability. By harnessing renewable energy sources, such as solar power, individuals like Mrs. H S S Perera can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener, more eco-friendly future.

On Solar’s dedication to innovation and commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions is evident in the successful installation of this hybrid solar system. Mrs. H S S Perera’s investment in this sustainable energy solution not only benefits her financially but also marks a step towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient community.

For more information on On Solar’s range of sustainable energy solutions, visit their website or contact their expert team today.

Note: The figures provided are based on the specific installation and may vary depending on location and usage.

This article highlights the benefits and advantages of the hybrid solar system installed by On Solar for Mrs. H S S Perera. It emphasizes the efficiency, cost savings, reliability, and environmental impact of such a system compared to traditional non-hybrid setups.

On Solar Empowers Sri Lanka’s New Year with Stellar December Installations

Here’s to a bright and prosperous start to 2024!

The end of last year witnessed an exceptional surge in solar installations across Sri Lanka, with more than 150KW of solar projects installed solely in December.

Among these achievements shines a standout project led by On Solar in Kahathuduwa, directed by Mr. R S Mendis, showcasing a steadfast commitment to sustainable energy solutions. The Kahathuduwa installation boasts a robust 6KW 3P system, highlighting its effectiveness in harnessing solar power.

What sets this project apart is not just its scale but its remarkable efficiency. Generating an average of 720 units per month, this installation is a stride towards sustainability while significantly reducing energy expenses for Mr. Mendis. With a monthly bill coverage of 56,880.00 LKR, the impact of solar energy on cost savings and environmentally conscious practices is crystal clear.

As On Solar continues to lead the charge in Sri Lanka’s renewable energy landscape, this project underscores their dedication to empowering communities with efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly energy solutions.

This accomplishment signifies not only a technological milestone but also a significant step towards a more sustainable future for Sri Lanka.

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