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Attidiya Sri Lanka 5kW Solar Installation

Attidiya Sri Lanka 5kW Solar Installation

In Attidiya, Sri Lanka, we recently completed a 5kW solar system installation for D S Wijeysingha. This system features a 5kW Solis inverter and 5.7 DC power, ensuring optimal performance for years to come.

5kW Solar System Designed For Net Accounting In Attidiya, Sri Lanka

This solar system was designed for net accounting and domestic use, and is already proving its worth. Consequently with a monthly generation of 600 units, Mr. Wijeysingha is seeing a significant reduction in his electricity bill. Previously, his bill was 200 units, costing him LKR 10,400.00. Now, with the excess units generated by his solar system, he’s not only offsetting his bill but also earning extra income.

Firstly, the Attidiya Sri Lanka system will generate an 400 excess of units per month, each unit valued at LKR 37.00, Mr. Wijeysingha is looking at an additional LKR 14,800.00. When combined with the savings on his electricity bill, he stands to save a total of LKR 25,200.00 per month.

Sri Lanka 5kW Solar Installation
Sri Lanka 5kW Solar Installation

Secondly one of the most remarkable aspects of this installation is its quick system recovery time. In just 3.5 years, Mr. Wijeysingha will have recouped the cost of his solar system. Through savings and earnings, making this investment not only is environmentally friendly but financially savvy as well.

We at On Solar are proud to have helped Mr. Wijeysingha from Attidiya Sri Lanka make the switch to solar energy. His commitment to sustainability and smart energy choices is truly commendable, and we’re excited to see him reap the benefits of his solar investment for years to come.

At On Solar, we take great pride in our commitment to exceptional solar installations island wide. This includes Attidiya Sri Lanka. We tailor to the specific needs of each of our valued customers. From the design phase, through to the flawless installation and ongoing service.

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