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Kiribathgoda Sri Lanka: On Solar Powers Up Cutting-Edge Solar System!

Kiribathgoda Sri Lanka On Solar Powers Up Cutting-Edge Solar System

Kiribathgoda Sri Lanka : 20kW Solar Installation

On Solar, a leading energy solutions company, proudly announces the successful grid connection, of a state of the art solar system in Kiribathgoda Sri Lanka. Requested by Mr. P G A Kithsiri, a forward thinking individual embracing clean solar energy.

Tailored Solar Systems

The solar system boasts a powerful 20kW Solis Inverter paired with 20.5 DC power. Thus providing reliable energy production. The system, operates on a net accounting basis, ensuring optimal performance and cost effectiveness for the home owner.

Transitioning Towards Renewable Energy Sources

Transitioning towards clean energy sources in Kiribathgoda Sri Lanka not only aligns with environmental sustainability but also offers significant financial benefits. With a monthly generation of 2400 units, Mr. Kithsiri substantially reduced his reliance on traditional grid electricity. Previously, his monthly electricity bill stood at 32, 900.00 Sri Lankan Rupees for 500 units. As a result of the installation of the solar system, he anticipates a remarkable decrease in expenses.

Thanks to the surplus energy produced, Mr. Kithsiri stands to earn an additional income. With an estimated excess of 1900 units per month. He could earn 137, 900.00 Sri Lankan Rupees, per month. Further enhancing the economic viability of solar energy adoption in Kiribathgoda Sri Lanka and island wide.

The role out of solar power. In urban areas, not only promotes energy independence. Above all it also contributes to a greener and more sustainable future for communities. By harnessing the sun light available in Kiribathgoda, Sri Lanka. Residents like Mr. Kithsiri are not only reducing their carbon foot print but also making sound financial investments.

On Solar remains committed to empowering individuals and communities through solar solutions. With a focus on affordability, reliability, and sustainability, On Solar continues to spear head the renewable energy revolution, one project at a time.

For home owners in Kiribathgoda, Sri Lanka, embracing solar energy is not just a choice; it’s a step towards a cleaner tomorrow. Join the solar movement with On Solar and experience the power of cleaner, greener living first hand. Contact us today to learn more about our solar solutions.

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