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Solar Installer – Professional solar installation & services

Free 2 year maintenance and 1 year insurance with all installations! Solar consultation, design, supply, installation & maintenance services.

Free, No obligation, consultation. You start saving money on the day of completion!

Switch to solar power with our solar installer service.

Ready to harness the power of the sun? Above all, we make it easy for you to switch to solar with our in house design, supply and installation services. After that, our FREE two year solar maintenance service and one year insurance offer, allows you peace of mind. Transition to solar power confidently. Reach out to us now to start your journey towards sustainable energy.

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Our Solar Installation Process

We assess your property and discuss your energy goals and requirements.
Consultation 20%
Customised solar solutions designed to maximise efficiency and aesthetics.
Design 30%
Our skilled team installs your solar panels with precision and care.
Installation 80%
We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure optimal system performance.
Support 100%

Benefits of our solar installer service

So why use On Solar?

With our solar installar, installation service, you can rest assured knowing that you’re with a trusted solar solutions and service company. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bills, or simply gain energy independence, we’re here to help you harness the power of the sun. Contact us today to learn more about our solar installion services and how we can help you make the switch to solar energy.

But, our commitment to your solar journey doesn’t end with installation. At On Solar, we stand behind the quality and performance of our products with comprehensive warranty services. Our solar installer service and warranties are designed to protect your investment and provide you with the confidence that your solar system will continue to perform optimally for years to come. In the rare event that you encounter any issues with your solar system, our dedicated solar installer and repair service team is here to assist you promptly and efficiently, ensuring that any problems are resolved with minimal disruption to your energy supply.

See solar success stories in Sri Lanka by On Solar!

Witness the tangible impact of solar energy in Sri Lanka with On Solar. Explore our portfolio of successful solar installations across the island. From homes to businesses, we've illuminated countless lives with clean, sustainable power. Join us in shaping a brighter future for Sri Lanka. Discover the power of solar firsthand – explore our installations today!

FAQ: Solar Installer – Professional solar installation & services

  • What is an on-grid solar system?

    An on-grid solar system, also known as a grid-tied system, is connected to the local utility grid. It generates electricity when the sun is shining, and any excess power is sent back to the grid. Homeowners can pull electricity from the grid when solar production is insufficient.

  • How does an on-grid system work?

    Solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity. An inverter then transforms DC power into AC power for household use. The system is connected to the grid, allowing the flow of surplus electricity back to the grid. Net metering often credits homeowners for the excess energy they contribute.

  • Do on-grid systems work during power outages?

    Generally, on-grid systems shut down during power outages to prevent sending electricity to the grid and ensure the safety of utility workers. Some advanced systems, however, can incorporate backup solutions like battery storage or generators.

  • What is an off-grid solar system?

    An off-grid solar system operates independently of the utility grid. It is designed to provide electricity for a standalone structure, such as a remote cabin or an isolated home, without relying on external power sources.

  • How does an off-grid system work?

    Solar panels generate DC electricity, which is stored in batteries. An inverter converts stored DC power into AC power for use in the household. Off-grid systems require sufficient battery capacity to ensure continuous power during periods without sunlight.

  • What are the challenges of off-grid systems?

    Off-grid systems require careful sizing to meet energy demands, especially during overcast days or high-energy consumption periods. Adequate battery storage and efficient energy management are crucial for reliable off-grid power.

  • What is a hybrid solar system?

    A hybrid solar system combines elements of both on-grid and off-grid systems. It is connected to the grid but incorporates battery storage, offering the advantages of grid access and backup power during outages.

  • Why choose a hybrid system?

    Hybrid systems provide flexibility, allowing homeowners to use grid power when needed and store excess solar energy for later use. This setup is advantageous for areas with intermittent grid access or for those aiming for increased energy independence.

  • How are hybrid systems controlled?

    Hybrid systems are managed by intelligent control systems that determine when to draw power from the grid, when to charge the batteries, and when to utilize solar power directly. This optimization ensures efficient energy utilization based on specific conditions.

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