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Solar loans, solar finance and rooftop leasing

Explore affordable solar loans, finance and rooftop leasing options that make solar power accessible to everyone.

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Solar loans and rooftop leasing options

Discover solar loans, financing and leasing options for rooftops through our network of financial partners. Different companies offer competitive rates, providing customers with access to affordable solar financing. This commitment guarantees a smooth experience, characterised by a prompt and friendly service throughout the entire journey. You can expect a smooth experience, characterised by a prompt and friendly service.

Explore options with On Solar’s network of financial institutions and companies providing competitive rates.

Navigating the process of solar loans can be challenging, but to start your journey, you can begin by examining the available leasing options with our comprehensive network.

Typically, for solar loans the average payback period spans 3 to 4 years, with some installations boasting an impressive 2-year payback record. In general, when it comes to repaying, most clients find that it takes around 3 to 4 years to cover their investment. However, there are cases where people have seen impressive results, with their solar installations paying back the initial cost in as little as 2 years. It varies, but the average payback period tends to fall within the 3 to 4-year range, showcasing the financial benefits of investing in solar energy, with solar loans.

Meet our expert team

Our team knows a lot about solar loans and helping businesses and homeowners with the money side of solar projects. We guide you through the financial details, making it easier for both companies and individuals. Whether it’s figuring out costs, planning your budget, or finding the right funding, we’re here to make the process straightforward for you.

To begin, the team understands the importance of embracing sustainable energy solutions without the hassle of hefty upfront costs. Our solar loans service offers a smooth and affordable way for building owners to tap into solar power without facing financial strain.

Moreover, the solar loans team acknowledges that energy efficiency improvements can be costly and complex. Our streamlined process makes it easy for homeowners to submit applications.

What we offer

The process

At this point, our engineers check your building to see if it’s a good fit for solar panels. They look at things like how the building is made, how much sunlight it gets, and its overall design. This helps us figure out the best way to install solar panels that work well for your building. As a result, we are able to build solar loans, tailored to your requirements.
Assessment 20%
The agreement highlights important aspects such as the duration of the solar loan or solar rooftop lease, rental payments, and other relevant details.
Agreement 30%
At this stage, On Solar takes care of everything. To begin with our team not only ensures a trouble-free solar energy system but also oversees its smooth operation. At this stage, our engineers examine your building’s potential for solar panel installation, carefully assessing various factors to determine the most suitable approach.
Installation 90%
Our solar loans team not only handles repairs but also monitors system performance to ensure your investment operates at peak performance.
Maintenance 100%
The solar panels make electricity from solar rays. Therefore giving you the option to consume on-site or feed excess energy into the grid.
Energy Production 100%

Begin enjoying the advantages of reduced electricity expenses right from the start of your solar journey. With our solar solutions, you can experience immediate benefits, contributing not only to your financial savings but also to the overall sustainability of your energy consumption. Embrace the positive impact on both your budget and the environment as you kickstart your journey towards affordable and sustainable energy use, beginning from day one.

Solar Loans, Solar Finance And Rooftop Leasing 
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