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Negombo Sri Lanka 5kW Solar System

Negombo Sri Lanka 5kW Solar System

We’re excited to share the success story of our recent solar installation in Negombo, Sri Lanka, for R D R Delima. This installation features a 5kW solar system, including a Solis inverter and 5.7 DC power, designed for net accounting and domestic use.

The System’s Performance Is Impressive

The system’s performance is impressive, generating 600 units of electricity monthly. Previously, Mr. Delima faced a 400-unit monthly bill, costing LKR 25,400. With surplus energy, he now offsets his bill and earns extra income.

Savings Total 32,800 LKR Per Month

Financially, the system is beneficial. With 200 excess units produced monthly, each valued at LKR 37.00, Mr. Delima earns an extra LKR 7,400. Combined with bill savings, he saves LKR 32,800 monthly.

The Negombo Sri Lanka System Provides A Quick Return On Investment Of 3.1 Years

The system’s quick recovery time is notable. In just 3.1 years, Mr. Delima will have recouped the systems cost through savings and earnings. Making it a smart financial and environmental choice.

Prioritising Top Tier Solar Solutions For Negombo Sri Lanka and Islandwide

At On Solar, we prioritize delivering top-tier solar solutions. Firstly we are proud to help Mr. Delima transition to solar energy. Secondly we look forward to empowering more individuals and communities to embrace clean energy practices.

Additionally, solar energy benefits the environment. By using solar power, Mr. Delima reduces his carbon foot print, contributing to a cleaner world.

In conclusion, the installation of the 5kW solar system for Mr. Delima in Negombo Sri Lanka show cases the many advantages of solar energy. In Addition from cost savings and extra income to environmental sustainability and reliable power supply, solar energy offers numerous benefits. On Solar is proud to promote clean energy solutions. Additionally we look forward to making a positive impact in Sri Lanka’s renewable energy sector.

Moreover, solar energy plays a crucial role in reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels, which are finite resources with harmful environmental impacts. By harnessing the power of the sun, Mr. Delima is contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

Furthermore, the Negombo Sri Lanka installation of solar panels can increase the value of a property. Offering long-term financial benefits beyond monthly savings on electricity bills. This added value is particularly significant in today’s environmentally conscious market, where sustainable features are highly sought after.

In conclusion, the decision to install a 5kW solar system for Mr. Delima in Negombo Sri Lanka is not only a wise financial investment but also a commendable step towards environmental responsibility. On Solar is proud to have been part of this journey towards a cleaner, greener future, and we are committed to continuing to provide top tier solar solutions that benefit our customers and the planet.

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