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Kalutara Sri Lanka 6kW Solar System

Kalutara Sri Lanka 6kW Solar System

We’re excited to share the success story of our recent solar system installation in Kalutara Sri Lanka, for D A Seelawathi. This 6kW PV system includes a Solis inverter and 6.6 DC power, designed for net accounting and home use.

Outstanding Performance From 6kW Solar System In Kalutara Sri Lanka

For example, the Kalutara Sri Lanka system’s performance is outstanding, generating 720 units of electricity monthly. Subsequently this imprerssive energy generation is a game changer for Ms. Seelawathi. Previously Ms Seelawathi faced a 400-unit monthly electricity bill, costing LKR 25,400. With the surplus energy generated, she not only offsets her bill but also earns additional income.

PV System Provides Impressive Financial Returns Of 37,240 LKR Per Month

Firstly the system in Kalutara Sri Lanka is financially impressive. With an estimated 320 excess units produced per month. Each unit valued at LKR 37.00, Ms. Seelawathi stands to earn an extra LKR 11,840.00. Combined with the savings on her electricity bill, she is set to save a total of LKR 37, 240.00 per month, showcasing the substantial cost savings and income potential of solar energy.

Rapid Return On Solar System Investment Of Just 3.1 Years

One of the most remarkable aspects of this installation in Kalutara Sri Lanka is its rapid system recovery time. In just 3.1 years, Ms. Seelawathi will have recouped the cost of her solar system. Through savings and earnings, this investment is not only financially beneficial but also contributes to our fight against climate change.

Top Tier Solutions Empowering Individuals And Communities

At On Solar, we are dedicated to providing our customers with top tier solar solutions that deliver real world benefits. We are proud to help Ms. Seelawathi transition to solar energy. We look forward to empowering more individuals and communities to embrace solar energy.

Fighting Climate Change in Kalutara Sri Lanka

Additionally, solar energy benefits the environment. By using solar power, Ms. Seelawathi is reducing her carbon foot print and contributing to a cleaner world.

In conclusion, the installation of the 6kW solar system for Ms. Seelawathi in Kalutara Sri Lanka is a testament to the numerous benefits of solar energy. From significant cost savings and additional income streams. Additionally it provides environmental sustainability. Solar energy offers a multitude of advantages for individuals and communities. On Solar is proud to be at the forefront of promoting renewable energy solutions. We look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in Sri Lanka’s solar energy landscape.

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