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Kalubovila Sri Lanka 15kW Solar System Success

Kalubovila Sri Lanka 15kW

We are thrilled to share the success story of our recent solar installation in Kalubovila, Sri Lanka. For our valued customer, M I Inayathullah. This installation features a high-performance 15kW solar system. Including a Solis inverter and 20.52 DC power, designed for net accounting and home use.

Outstanding Performance Produced by Kalubovila Sri Lanka Solar System

Firstly the system performance is outstanding, generating 1,800 units of electricity monthly. This substantial generation capacity is a game changer for Mr. Inayathullah. Previously faced with an 800 unit monthly electricity bill, amounting to LKR 55,400. With the surplus energy generated, Mr. Inayathullah not only offsets his bill but also earns an extra income through the sale of excess units back to the grid.

Impressive Financial Benefits For Kalubovila Sri Lanka 15kW Solar System

Secondly the financial benefits of the Kalubovila, Sri Lanka system are impressive. Each unit generated, valued at LKR 37.00, with one thousand units generated per month, gives Mr. Inayathullah an additional LKR 37, 000.00. Furthermore, combined with the savings on his electricity bill. The projected saving totals LKR 74, 240.00 per month. Thus showcasing the cost saving and income potential of solar energy.

Outstanding 3 Year Payback Time

One of the most remarkable aspects of this installation is its rapid system recovery time. In just three years, Mr. Inayathullah will have paid back the cost of his solar system. Made through savings and earnings, this investment not only is financially beneficial but also planet friendly.

Above all at On Solar, we are dedicated to providing our customers with top tier solar solutions that deliver tangible benefits. We are proud to have helped Mr. Inayathullah from Kalubovila Sri Lanka to make the switch to solar energy. Moreover we look forward to helping more individuals embrace clean energy and build a cleaner future for us all.

Benefits Of Solar Energy Extend Beyond Financial Savings

However the benefits of solar energy extend beyond financial savings. By using solar power, Mr. Inayathullah is reducing his carbon foot print and contributing to a cleaner environment. This commitment to sustainability is commendable.

Moreover, the reliability of solar energy ensures that Mr. Inayathullah will have a stable source of income and reduce his risk to future power price hikes.

In conclusion, the installation of the 15kW solar system for Mr. Inayathullah in Kalubovila Sri Lanka is a testament to the numerous benefits of solar energy. From significant cost savings and extra income to environmental sustainability and reliable power supply, solar energy offers a multitude of advantages for individuals and communities. On Solar is proud to be at the forefront of promoting renewable energy solutions and looks forward to make a positive impact in Sri Lanka’s solar energy landscape.

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