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Jubilee Post Nugegoda: 20kW Solar System Installation

Jubilee Post Nugegoda 20kW Solar System Installation

Jubilee Post Nugegoda: On Solar Delivers High-Performance Solar Solution

Firstly, this successful installation of a state of the art solar system was for Mr. Hiripitiya, a home owner in the Jubilee Post Nugegoda area. The 20 kW solar system, equipped with a Solis inverter and 22.8 DC power provides a reliable source of energy.

Net Accounting system

Consequently it features a Net Accounting system, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and cost savings. With this system in place, Mr. Hiripitiya a resident of the Jubilee Post Nugegoda area can expect to generate approximately 2400 units of electricity per month. Thus significantly reducing his reliance on the grid.

Excess Units Generated Will Result In An Additional Income!

Prior to the installation in Jubilee Post Nugegoda area, Mr. Hiripitiya’s monthly electricity bill was around 500 units, costing approximately LKR 32,900.00. With the new solar system. It is estimated that the excess units generated (2400 – 500) will result in an additional income. Consequently producing a revenue of LKR 137,900.00 per month, further highlighting the financial benefits of investing in solar energy.

“We are delighted to have been able to provide the area of Jubilee Post Nugegoda and Mr. Hiripitiya with a sustainable, cost effective solar solution,” said a spokesperson for On Solar. This installation is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-performance solar systems. That benefit both our customers and the environment.”

On Solar’s team of skilled engineers ensured that the process was smooth and efficient. With minimal disruption to Mr. Hiripitiya’s daily activities. The system is now up and running. Providing clean energy to Mr. Hiripitiya’s property.

With an estimated an income of LKR 137,900.00 per month from excess units, Mr. Hiripitiya can expect to achieve a return on investment within 18 months, making this solar solution not only environmentally friendly for the Jubilee Post Nugegoda area, but also financially rewarding.

For more information about On Solar and its range of solar solutions, please visit our website or contact us directly. We look forward to continuing to provide solar solutions to customers for Sri Lanka, island wide.

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