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Piliyandala Sri Lanka, 5kW Solar System

Piliyandala Sri Lanka, 5kW Solar System

Announcing the successful installation of a 5kW solar system for K M H C Wijayasiri in Piliyandala Sri Lanka. Featuring a Solis inverter and 5.7 DC power, the system is designed for net accounting and home use, reflecting our commitment to providing customized solar solutions.

Zero Energy Bills For K M H C Wijayasiri In Piliyandala Sri Lanka.

Firstly with a monthly generation of 600 units, Mr. Wijayasiri can significantly reduce his electricity expenses. Previously facing a 400 unit monthly bill, costing LKR 25,400. Mr Wijayasirihe can now offset this bill and produce an extra income from surplus energy.

Savings Of LKR 32,800 Per Month

Financially, the Piliyandala Sri Lanka system offers substantial benefits. With an estimated 200 excess units produced monthly. With each unit valued at LKR 37.00, Mr. Wijayasiri stands to earn an extra LKR 7,400 per month. Therefore the combined savings amount to LKR 32,800 per month. Showcasing the cost saving and income potential of solar energy.

Quick Return On Investment Of 3 Years

Furthermore, the Piliyandala Sri Lanka solar system’s rapid recovery time is impressive. In just 3 years, Mr. Wijayasiri will have recouped the cost of his solar system. This is achieved through savings and earnings, making this investment both financially savvy and environmentally responsible.

We are proud to have helped Mr. Wijayasiri from Piliyandala Sri Lanka transition to solar energy and look forward to empowering more individuals and communities to embrace solar energy solutions.

Solar energy not only offers financial benefits but also contributes to environmental sustainability. By using solar power, Mr. Wijayasiri is reducing his carbon foot print and contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

In conclusion, the Piliyandala Sri Lanka installation of the 5kW solar system for Mr. Wijayasiri is a testament to the numerous advantages of solar energy. From cost savings and extra income to environmental sustainability and reliable power supply, solar energy offers a multitude of benefits for individuals and communities alike. On Solar is proud to be a part of Sri Lanka’s solar energy transformation and looks forward to make a positive impact in Sri Lanka’s clean energy sector.

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