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Keleniya Sri Lanka 5kW Solar Installation

Sri Lanka 5kW Solar Installation

We’re excited to share the details of our latest solar story! In the scenic locale of Keleniya, Sri Lanka we recently completed the installation of a state of the art 5kW solar system for our customer, Mr N C K Uduwara. This advanced system features a 5kW Solis inverter and 5.7 DC power, ensuring optimal energy generation and efficiency for Mr. Uduwara’s home.

Designed For Net Accounting And Domestic Use

Designed for net accounting and domestic use. This solar solution in Keleniya Sri Lanka offers a range of benefits that are sure to enhance Mr. Uduwara’s lifestyle. With a monthly generation of 600 units, he can expect a significant reduction in his electricity bill. Previously, his monthly bill amounted to 400 units, costing him LKR 25,400.00. However, with the surplus units generated by his solar system, he is not only offsetting his bill but also generating additional income through the sale of excess energy back to the grid.

Solar System Projected To Save A Total Of LKR 32, 800.00 per month

As a result, the Keleniya Sri Lanka solar system installation is expected to produce an income from the excess units alone, with an estimated 200 excess units per month. Therefore Mr. Uduwara stands to earn an additional LKR 7,400.00. Mr Uduwara is projected to save a total of LKR 32, 800.00 per month. Highlighting the substantial financial benefits of solar energy.

Keleniya Sri Lanka Solar System Shows Rapid Recovery Time Of 3.3 years

One of the most compelling aspects of this installation in Keleniya Sri Lanka is its rapid system recovery time. Just 3.3 years! Subsequently Mr. Uduwara will have recouped the cost of his solar system, in a short time. Moreover savings and earnings, make this investment not only financially prudent, but also environmentally responsible.

Our Commitment is to provide our customers with top of the line solar technology solutions that not only save clients money but also contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future. We are proud to have helped Mr. Uduwara make the switch to solar energy.

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