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Solar Training Academy TVEC Course Launches In Colombo Sri Lanka

Solar Training Academy TVEC Course Launches In Colombo Sri Lanka

Colombo Sri Lanka, 6th June 2024

COLOMBO, June 6, 2024. The On Solar Training Academy is proud to announce the successful launch of Sri Lanka’s first ever course for solar technicians. Led by our esteemed Chief Engineer, Tharindu Navodya BEng. Electrical and Computer systems (Monash). This pioneering initiative. Accredited by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC), aims to elevate the standards of solar technology installation and maintenance in the country.

Solar Training TVEC Accredited Training Course

Above all the course offers comprehensive solar training. Consequently it has been designed to equip solar installation teams, companies and individual technicians with the necessary knowledge and skills required for high quality solar installations. Additionally it offers participants the chance to be part of the solar community. That is to say, the course leads to the possibility of finding more solar installation contracts and work.

Educating Solar Professionals Islandwide To A Rapidly Growing Solar Industry

“Our goal is to help professional technicians and EPC companies expand their offer and start or continue their solar journey. As a result by expanding their knowledge and maintaining high standards in the rapidly growing solar industry,” said Mr. Navodya. “This training will not only enhance the expertise of our participants. It will also contribute to the overall improvement of solar energy practices in Sri Lanka.”

From The Basics To Advanced Techniques Including Hands On Experience

Firstly the comprehensive course covers all aspects of solar technology, from the basics to advanced techniques, including hands on experience.

Solar Training Course Offers A TVEC Certification Of Completion

Secondly upon completion of the course, students will have the opportunity to take an exam. To sum up, qualifying candidates will receive a TVEC solar course certificate and be invited onsite as an observer for a day with our installation team. This will give realtime insight and real world experience.

Dedicated To Advancing Solar Energy Practices In Sri Lanka

Committed to advancing solar energy practices in Sri Lanka the On Solar Training Academy is championing the way for solar professionals. As a result the On Solar Academy provides top notch training and is fostering a community of skilled professionals dedicated to sustainable energy solutions. Therefore this inaugural class marks a significant milestone in our mission to promote excellence and innovation in the solar industry.

For more information about our training programs and future dates, please visit our website at www.on-eco.com or contact our office at tel: +94 755 516 616

On Solar Academy
Email: tn@on-eco.com
Phone: +94 755 516 616

Website: www.one-eco.com

About The On Solar Academy

On is a leading solar EPC provider based in Nugegoda Sri Lanka, with offices in the EU. Having performed solar training in the EU for over 15 years the On Solar Training Academy is pleased to offer the same to the solar community in Sri Lanka. Led by a team of experienced professionals, our academy offers comprehensive, TVEC-accredited training programs that cover all aspects of solar technology and best practice guidelines.

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