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Pita Kotte Sri Lanka 5kW Solar System

Pita Kotte Sri Lanka 5kW Solar System

We are pleased to announce the successful installation of a 5kW solar system for N Karunarathna from Pita Kotte Sri Lanka. This advanced system features a Solis inverter and 5.7 DC power, designed for net accounting and home use, showcasing our commitment to delivering efficient and reliable solar solutions.

Pita Kotte Sri Lanka Solar System Produces Excess Energy and A Monthly Income

The solar system produces an impressive 600 units of electricity each month. Prior to this installation, Mr. Karunarathna faced a monthly electricity bill for 400 units, amounting to LKR 25,400. With the new solar system, he can now significantly reduce this cost. Additionally it produces an additional income from the surplus energy produced.

Savings Total LKR 32,800 Per Month

The financial benefits of this system in Pita Kotte Sri Lanka are substantial. With an estimated 200 excess units produced each month, valued at LKR 37.00 per unit, Mr. Karunarathna stands to earn an additional LKR 7,400. Combined with the savings on his monthly electricity bill, he is projected to save a total of LKR 32,800 every month. This shows the significant cost savings and income potential that solar energy offers.

Pita Kotte Sri Lanka System Provides 3.3 Year Recovery Time

Furthermore, the recovery time is noteworthy. In just 3.3 years, Mr. Karunarathna will have recouped the cost of his solar system through these savings and earnings, making this investment both financially wise and environmentally responsible.

Helping Individuals, Businesses and Society Harness Solar Energy

Dedicated to delivering top tier solar solutions, On Solar provides real benefits to our customers. We are proud to have facilitated Mr. Karunarathna from Pita Kotte Sri Lanka’s transition to solar energy. Furthermore we look forward to helping more individuals.

Using solar energy, Mr. Karunarathna also contributes to a cleaner environment. By reducing reliance on traditional energy sources, he lowers his carbon foot print, helping to create a more sustainable future.

In conclusion, the 5kW solar system for Mr. Karunarathna underscores the many advantages of solar energy. From significant cost savings and additional income to environmental sustainability and reliable power supply, solar energy offers numerous benefits.

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