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Kesbewa Colombo 5.5kW Solar Installation

Kesbewa Colombo : October 2023

On Solar, a leading name in solar energy solutions. Is proud to announce, the successful installation of a 5.5kW solar power system in Kesbewa Colombo. Marking another significant step towards sustainable energy for the region and Sri Lanka. The project was requested by Mr. Chinthana. A forward thinking individual, committed to the reduction of his carbon foot print while enjoying the benefits of clean energy.

Firstly, the newly installed 5.5kW solar power system, was designed and carried out by On Solar’s team of experts. Furthermore, the system will harness the sun light in Kesbewa Colombo. Thus producing clean and reliable electricity for Mr. Chinthana’s home. As a result, this installation represents a remarkable shift towards a greener and more responsible way of living.

In addition, Mr. Chinthana, who was keen to make a positive impact on the environment and reduce his electricity bills, chose On Solar for this project in Kesbewa Colombo. Consequently, he stated, “I believe that sustainability is our responsibility, and going solar is a significant step in the right direction. Furthermore, On Solar provided me with a solution that met my energy needs and aligned with my commitment to reduce my carbon footprint. I am excited to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.”

On Solar’s team of certified technicians and engineers planned and executed the installation in Kesbewe Colombo. Ensuring that it maximizes solar energy generation and seamlessly integrates with Mr. Chinthana’s current system. The 5.5kW solar power system in Kesbewa Colombo includes. High-quality Longi solar panels, Solis inverters, and advanced monitoring technology to ensure the systems optimal performance.

Key Benefits Of The 5.5kW Solar Installation:

  • Environmentally Friendly: The solar system in Kesbewa Colombo will reduce Mr. Chinthana’s carbon foot print by off setting a significant portion of its electricity use with clean, renewable energy.
  • Energy Independence: With the new solar power system, Mr. Chinthana will become less reliant on grid electricity, thus reducing his energy costs and protecting himself from potential future price hikes.
  • Long-Term Savings: The installation will yield great savings in the long run. As the sun’s energy is free and never ending.
  • Increased Property Value: Solar systems often increase the resale value of properties, making it a wise investment for home owners.

On Solar remains committed to its mission! Promoting sustainable living and supporting individuals, like Mr. Chinthana, in making the transition to clean energy sources. The success of this 5.5kW installation in Kesbewa Colombo underscores the company’s dedication to providing efficient and customised solar solutions to its customers.

This performance in Kesbewa highlights the growing popularity of solar energy solutions. Not only for their positive environmental impact but also for their economic benefits. On Solar looks forward to continued collaboration with environmentally-conscious individuals and businesses as they work together to build a greener, cleaner future.

About On Solar

On Solar is a leading provider of solar energy solutions, dedicated to promoting sustainability, reducing carbon footprints, and helping individuals and businesses transition to clean, renewable energy sources. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, On Solar offers customized solar installations and energy-efficient solutions that make a difference.

Contact: Mr Uden Chandana – Head Of Marketing

Direct Contact : +94775165228
Email: ue@on-eco.com

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