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Limited-yime offer: 0% easy payment plan for solar products!

Looking to invest in solar solutions? From November 15th to December 25th, 2023, On Solar Sri Lanka in partnership with DFCC bank, is thrilled to offer an exclusive promotion—0% Easy Payment Plan (EPP) for up to 12 months on solar products.


Finance Advisor – Mr Devapriya Muthuwady (CFO, On Solar)
Direct Line : 0777 587 184
Office : 112 516 616
Email : dm@on-eco.com

Take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to convert your purchases into manageable monthly installments with zero interest! Here are the details:

  • Discount  Offer: 0% Easy Payment Plan up to 12 months for Solar Products
  • Promotion Period: 15th November – 25th December 2023
  • Minimum Transaction Value for EPP conversion : LKR 100,000
  • Maximum Transaction Value for EPP conversion : LKR 1,000,000
  • Easy Payment Plan Tenures (p.m):

P.M. Processing Fee0%0%0%0%0%
Setup Fee (Rs.)30003000300030003000

Hurry! This Exceptional Offer Expires On December 25th, 2023.

Don’t miss the chance to embrace solar energy with convenient payment options tailored to suit your budget. Reach out to us and seize the opportunity to go solar affordably!

On Solar Sri Lanka, a leading advocate for sustainable energy solutions, has announced in conjunction with DFCC bank, an initiative aimed at facilitating easier access to finance for solar installations. With a dedicated team of in-house experts, On Solar Sri Lanka aims to assist clients in navigating the complexities of financing solar projects.

The initiative comes as part of On Solar’s commitment to promoting renewable energy adoption across the nation. Recognizing the significance of financial barriers hindering solar adoption, the company has mobilized a specialised team equipped to address client inquiries and facilitate the financing process seamlessly.

“Our in-house experts are here to guide and support clients in realizing their solar ambitions,” stated Mr D. Muthuwady the CFO and spokesperson for On Solar Sri Lanka. “We understand the importance of accessible finance in driving the adoption of sustainable energy solutions. Our team is dedicated to simplifying the process and assisting clients in securing the necessary funds for their solar installations.”

Finance Advice – Mr Devapriya Muthuwady (CFO, and financial expert)
Direct Line: 0777 587 184
Office: 112 516 616
Email: dm@on-eco.com

The team at Solar Sri Lanka possesses comprehensive knowledge of available financing options, ranging from government incentives to private financing schemes. They are poised to offer personalized guidance tailored to individual client needs, ensuring a smooth and informed journey toward solar energy adoption.

Clients seeking information or assistance regarding financing for solar installations are encouraged to reach out to Solar Sri Lanka’s dedicated team of experts. Their expertise and guidance aim to empower individuals and businesses alike in embracing renewable energy through accessible financing solutions.

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