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On has delivered and installed solar lighting to governments and communities in the EU, and seeks to do the same in Sri Lanka.


The EU has only three peak sun hours, Sri Lanka has eight, making solar lighting solutions ideal for communities in Sri Lanka.  Solar lighting has the ability to be placed in area’s that have no grid connection, lower longterm costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Solar lighting can be used in municipal locations such as highways, parking lots, schools and just about anywhere.  Photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into energy making it a more sustainable option than other CO2 emitting energy sources.


With solar lighting, cities, town’s and communities can reduce their costs, dependency on failing national grids, utility suppliers and in turn reduce their carbon footprint.  Thus working towards Sri Lanka’s carbon emission reduction targets.  Solar lighting systems also provide a way for municipalities to create safer roads and side walks since they won’t be interrupted by power outages and can be installed without the need to connect to the national grid.


On Sri Lanka has a team of in house experts and engineers to assist you with all your project requirements.


The solar lighting solutions we provide are certified for Europe and Asia adhering to the strictest, tried and tested solar lighting solutions, ensuring your solar lighting systems provide a reliable light source. The solar lighting system components we provide are of the highest standard, ensuring the longest lifetime for your solar lighting system and providing your solar lighting project with the quickest return on your investment.

We work with you providing a turnkey service, to ensure your solar lighting project is designed to your design requirements and site parameters.


Talk to one of our fully trained representatives. They will answer all the questions you have.


We design your solar lighting project to your requirements and site parameters.


Produce a cost analysis for your consideration


Assist you with required permissions where necessary


Installation by our fully trained engineers


Maintenance contract.

Solar street lights can bring a number of benefits to a community, including:

Improved safety: Solar street lights can illuminate dark and poorly lit areas, making it easier for pedestrians and drivers to see, reducing the risk of accidents and crime. Increased energy efficiency: Solar street lights are powered by the sun, so they don't require any electrical infrastructure or utility connections. This means that communities can save money on energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Reduced maintenance costs: Because solar street lights don't rely on the electrical grid, they are easy to install and maintain, and they don't require frequent repairs or replacements like traditional street lights do. Increased property values: Solar street lights can improve the look of a community, making it more attractive to potential buyers or renters. This can result in an increase in property values, which can benefit everyone in the community. Improved quality of life: Solar street lights can provide communities with a more attractive and safe outdoor environment, encouraging people to spend more time outside, participating in community events and activities. In conclusion, solar street lights can help communities in many ways, from improving safety and energy efficiency, to boosting property values and quality of life.

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