On Solar Installs 30kW Solar System at WinStar Bakers in Rathmalana

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On Solar, a leading provider of solar energy solutions, has successfully installed a 30kW solar system at the premises of WinStar Bakers in Rathmalana. The installation is part of On Solar’s commitment to promoting sustainable energy solutions in Sri Lanka.

The 30kW solar system is expected to generate approximately 3,600 units of electricity per month, significantly reducing WinStar Bakers’ reliance on the national grid. With an estimated electricity bill coverage of 201,600.00 LKR per month, the installation is expected to lead to substantial savings for the bakery.

The system also comes with a net accounting mechanism, allowing the excess electricity generated to be exported back to the grid, further reducing the bakery’s electricity bills. The installation has a recovery time period of 20 months, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly investment for WinStar Bakers.

On Solar is proud to have been chosen as the provider for this project and remains committed to providing high-quality, sustainable energy solutions to its customers.

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