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Commercial enterprises have suffered greatly over the past few years.  Ever rising energy costs, power cuts on a regular basis are interrupting business, and are costing your company money and time. 

Generating solar power independently for your business, is becoming more and more of a way to protect and future proof your business.  What with ever rising energy prices, fuel shortages, a failing national grid, and power cuts on a regular basis interrupting daily business, the need for solar on-grid commercial systems, solar off-grid and solar hybrid systems (battery banks, power wall) as an energy source, for your business, has quickly become the key solution to combating these real world problems.  Saving you time and money, and in turn securing your longterm future as a profitable enterprise.


The cost of solar energy systems, has fallen dramatically in the past few years, bringing solar systems pricing equal to or less than carbon polluting fossil fuels.  Generating solar power therefore is an ideal solution to save your company money, protect and future proof your company from energy price increases, fuel shortages and power cuts.

Renewable energy systems such as solar, cost equal or less than the price of using carbon polluting based fuels such as oil and gas.  This makes installing a solar system and generating solar power an ideal solution for any company looking to lower their overheads, combat power cuts and downtime.


Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. Every commercial entity must also consider its commitment to climate change and future proof itself against carbon reduction taxes.

Sri Lanka does not have a carbon tax, or a CO2 emissions trading system. However, it does collect taxes on energy.  The Sri Lankan government ratified Kyoto Protocol on September 2002 and formed a Designated National Authority in 2003.  Sri Lanka has also signed the Paris Agreement in 2015 furthering its commitment to reduce its carbon emissions.  The purpose, to Introduce economic incentives for less carbon intensive fuels and energy efficient technologies while imposing appropriate fiscal policy to combat detrimental practices.  This effects all commercial entities.

Sri Lankan Companies Leading The Way
Accelerate Your Companies Climate Action Change, See How Your Organization Can Measure, Reduce, And Offset Emissions Today

  • Dilmah, one of the leading tea companies in the the world became carbon neutral in 2018.
  • Sri Lankan Airlines, the countries national airline became one of six airlines globally to be accredited for its ‘Flygreen’ program.


One of the ways in which a company can it achieve these targets is through the Sri Lanka Carbon Crediting Scheme (SLCCS)


The SLCCS scheme is voluntary program. It allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint by trading carbon domestically. This allows companies to use their efforts to reduce carbon emissions such as generating clean power from solar to earn Sri Lankan certified emission reduction units (SCERs).


By earning these units, companies can offset their own emissions, or trade their carbon credits with other companies.


On Is Solar Solution Provider That Only Uses Certified Components,
That Are Tried And Tested, Certified For The EU And Asia


Sri Lanka’s CO2 emissions have increased more than 100% in the last 15 years, making the country highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The Sri Lankan government has submitted ambitious carbon reduction targets under it’s nationally determined contribution to the UNFCCC. On is a solar systems, solar technology provider which offers a turnkey service to its clients.


On is a solar solution provider that only uses certified components, that are tried and tested, certified for the EU and Asia, thus ensuring your solar system provides you with a safe, reliable solar energy source.  We do not provide, cheap quality, inferior components as they comprise your safety and solar system productivity.  In short, they cost you more in the longterm and compromise your safety.



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We provide solar solutions that generate renewable solar energy, reduce your costs and provide a quick return on your solar system investment (ROI).

We tailor make photovoltaic systems, to your site parameters. This includes solar on-grid commercial power systems, hybrid solar off-grid power systems (power wall / battery bank), which generate solar power to meet your companies individual energy source requirements.

As a solar solutions provider we have a responsibility to all our clients both large and small. Photovoltaic systems need to be calibrated correctly to ensure maximum performance and produce a reliable, fast return on your solar system investment. That is why our in house team of experts follow strict guidelines on how to advise you and ensure your solar energy source is safe and reliable. No two solar system installations are the same, so we design your renewable solar power system to your building parameters. Failure to do this, would jeopardise your renewable solar energy system performance and safety.

Our installation engineers are trained and certified by us and follow strict guidelines provided by our head engineer. Attention to detail is very important when installing solar systems, not only to ensure the maximum lifetime of your Photovoltaic system but to provide a safe, reliable energy source.

All our renewable solar roof solutions come with a free two year maintenance and insurance contract, and of course extended warranties comes with all our solar system components.

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