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On Solar Energy is thrilled to announce the successful installation of a cutting-edge 15kW PV system in the vibrant Dehiwala area on September 24th, 2023. This photovoltaic energy system has now been seamlessly integrated into the National Grid by The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), marking a significant milestone in our commitment to harnessing the power of the sun for a sustainable future.

We extend our gratitude to Dr. Inayathullah, the proud owner of this state-of-the-art solar system, for choosing photovoltaic energy as a beacon of change. With this installation, we are taking giant strides toward a cleaner, greener future powered by the sun.

This solar system is poised to make a substantial impact on the national power grid, contributing an estimated 1650 to 1800 units of electricity per month. Dr. Inayathullah’s decision to embrace a photovolatic system not only reduces his reliance on conventional energy sources but also champions a positive environmental shift.

In recognition of the energy generated by this photovoltaic system, Dr. Inayathullah will now receive a monthly reward of Rs 128,970.00 for the impressive 1800 units of electricity generated. This serves as a testament to the cost-effectiveness and sustainable advantages of investing in PV, reaffirming our belief in the power of solar energy to drive change.

For those keen on embarking on their journey towards a greener, more sustainable future, we urge you to connect with On Solar. Reach out to us at the following numbers: 0112 516 616 / 075 551 6616. Together, let’s take a significant step towards a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable future with On Solar Energy. Embrace the power of solar energy today for a brighter tomorrow.

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